Saturday, June 14, 2008

Indian Woman

How is the Indian urban woman of today different from her counterparts all over the world? Is she the symbol of tomorrow’s bright world? May be yes, may be no! Read on to understand her.
Urban India herself has undergone many changes in the last decade or so. With the advent of latest technologies and other lavishing lifestyle related products the very face of the Indian family has changed and with these has come a change in temperament to life. With more and more families opting to stay nuclear the rules and values imbibed by the traditional joint family set up has almost been lost. The most affected part of the society by these changes has by far been women. Gone are the days when woman would confine herself to the four walls of her household and obey the rules set up by the elders and the males of the home and be satisfied with whatever her husband would give her.. Women have become more materialistic and tend to approach life with a motto of ‘I, me, and myself’. Somehow they seem to have finally taken the strings of their lives in their own hands. Be it exercising the choice of being a working woman or taking up the decision to marry or deciding when is the right time for them to be a mother - the choice now is entirely in her own hands. This reflects a very dynamic and fiery ,clear approach to life which was almost absent a couple of years ago.Althogh these changes are not prevailing everywhere yet we can generalize and conclude that majority of the Indian urban woman are on their road to self discovery. She is now equipped and well versed with knowledge and education and is daring enough to deal with the problems of the modern era. Her new found financial independence has given her a strong foothold in her family as well as social life. The very fact that the corporate and the MNC’s are marketing the products they like to use or even the media which airs programmes of their choice is enough testimony of the fact of her being powerful.
May be she has struck the right balance and mastered the art of living. She is willing to live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment of her existence in this planet!

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