Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This one was written by my best friend and me for our school magazine ,my first attempt to become a poetess!

To stay healthy, steady and fit
Take up regularly the cricket kit
Try never to be like Prabhakar
Love your work as did Gavaskar
To be ready, steady and fast
Make your idols the footballers of the past
If you play like Romario, Badgio or Bhutia
You’ll have the medicines of all pains with sports mania
To make your brains, muscles and nerves at the highest degree acting
Take up every morning in the Ganges an exciting rafting
If you can play in the Wimbledon and win on the deco turf
You can be the apple of the eye like Hingis or Graf
You can have a physique with a style that’s artistic
If on the floor of Australia, you can perform a wonderful gymnastic
If you want to win against someone in rivalry
Opt to be a genius in the field of archery
Make Dravid, Paes or Bhupathi your hero
But do work hard, not to be in life a zero
Have in life a specific dedication
It’s preferable to have a proper education
If you cant succeed in sports
In life through education you can achieve other goals
To acquire in life all the joys
You should enjoy what you do
And do what you enjoy!!!

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