Monday, July 13, 2009

Time Flies!

Time flies so fast….just the other day I was watching a music channel and they were playing Retro Music….I was in for a surprise as the songs I had grown up on were played one after the another….I had expected RD Burman and Kishor da songs….then it struck me that a good decade and a half has passed on and what was my generation music is now retro to teenagers of today…..
I am really enjoying India’s Got Talent show .The three judges are just brilliant -Sonali is charming…..Shekhar is emotional and graceful…while Kiron is so vivacious and lively…..and not forgetting those two clowns …ha-ha Nikhil and Ayushman! …their comic timing is great .I just hope the show continues with the momentum of entertainment and does not fizzles out after a while.
I am sick and tired of watching Farah Khan and Anu Malik. Both of them have become so very predictable…even before they open their mouth the audiences know what they are going to blabber out of their tongues. I would request Anu Malik to go get a life for himself …he is too involved in finding faults with others.

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