Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happening Independence Week!

The 62nd Independence week created quite a furore.First was the frisking episode of the Bollywood Baadshah in USA and thenVasundhara Raje’s rebellion and then Jaswant Singh’s expulsion from BJP.And off course the swine flu scare all over the country.
Well first on Jaswant Singh….his expulsion has exposed to the nation the shattered condition of BJP where there is no party democracy and discipline. We can expect some more confessions, from the “Loose Cannon Singh”, now, as his loyalty to BJP has been sidelined, punched, battered and bruised and mocked by his own people in the party. Well we never believed Advani Ji in the first place that he was unaware of the release of the three terrorists who were later escorted by Jaswant to Kandahar.But Jaswant’s confession just makes it more obvious. This Party is on its way downhill! Lord save the BJP and Advani too!

Much has been said and written about the SRK episode. I would just say that he was unnecessarily harassed, as we have come to know by the media reports that he was released only when the Indian Embassy vouched for him. This clearly should not have happened given the popularity of the guy.