Monday, April 27, 2009

Dekh Bhai Dekh!!!

I don’t know about the authenticity of the news but some channels are claiming that Dekh Bhai Dekh will be remade as a feature film. The magic of the serial with its wonderful cast and hilarious script will be recreated on celluloid! Characters of Sanju,Kirti ,Somu,Suhasi,Chachi and the entire Diwan family are legendary.

Dekh Bhai Dekh and Zabaan Sambhal Ke were two absolutely outstanding serials of mid 90’s .Both these serials were family shows with no vulgarity, plotting and scheming characters and yet were runaway hits.
Another show which comes to my mind is Superhit Muqabla.It ws telecast on Sundays and the very next day we would go to school and discuss the songs which should have been no.1……..those were the good old days!!!!At that time satellite television was in a nascent stage and people watched the programs of Doordarshan only.Off course today’s generation is not eager about any TV shows .They have their reasons too. We were deprived of all the fun today’s kids have ….They have the privilege of exclusive music,cartoon,sports…… channels.
Do you feel that watching DBD on big screen will give the same pleasure as it did many, many years ago?

I am pasting a link to DBD you tube video.....enjoy!


ZiLliOnBiG said...

yea, me too grew up on these. Gud ol days of doordarshan and what it used to be waiting for favorite tv program. interesting article/

ZiLliOnBiG said...

hey, thanks for the comments on my post. Cheers, TC:))