Sunday, July 12, 2009

My lovely parents

Every year whenever Mother’s Day celebrations are round the corner I miss my Mom whom I lost exactly 8 years ago on 11th May 2001 .Mother is someone through whom the Almighty showers us his love and affection.
My mother was a very strong woman with excellent decision making abilities and had an immense amount of self discipline in her. We three siblings have imbibed these qualities from her. She was a visionary.
I still feel her presence in my life .She was the pillar of strength for all of us and after her death we as a family were shattered, broken and spineless as we didn’t know where to go and what to do…..we had lost the sheet anchor of our lives. But as the famous saying goes……LIFE goes on….no matter what!
We picked up the ruined pieces and attempted to walk with her in mind. We struggled…..failed, tumbled but again got up ……were faced with lots of hardships and difficulties but her excellent upbringing saw us through.
During all this years after my mother had gone away we have seen our Dad…… gradually taking on the role of my Mom….he was just like any other normal father before that tragedy struck …but due to circumstances he had to fulfill the role of both parents for us….and how proud I feel to say this that he has succeeded in providing us the affection of a mother and protection of a father simultaneously……in more ways than one, he has not let us feel my mom’s absence…….even now whenever I am terribly upset I know that my Dad is just a phone call away and once I have poured out my heart to him ….I feel relieved and the suggestions given by my Dad are always so useful and practical.
I feel very blessed and proud to be daughter of my parents.

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