Sunday, April 19, 2009

Power of Democracy

With violent Phase 1 of elections being over, the nation is just a month away from getting a new government one can not help but wander whether the various political parties have already begun clandestine meetings for working out post poll alliances?

I know that I will get a fair share of criticism for saying this, but are not political parties displaying a practical approach to the whole scenario? It’s very easy to sit and comment from outside about the corruption, inaction and indifference of the government but what have we done to build the nation of our dreams? It’ we who pay the bribes, it’s we who want to jump the queues, it’s we who don’t care a bit about helping people who are less privileged than us. The politician has not descended from heavens, he/she is one amongst us.

Since mid 90’s no single party has been able to get a clear majority and if you look into the history of all developing economies the same pattern of voting emerged after them gaining independence. According to political pundits, it’s a phase in economy where the true value of independence gets lost as the people who struggled to get it are either too old or have already passed away. Therefore ,the power of democracy goes into the hands of those who got everything in life without putting in much effort until they discover that their laziness and ‘sab chalta hai’ attitude is back firing and they have to make an effort to put their ,and on a macro level ,the entire nation’s future back on track. In other words nation is now in a state of mind very similar to that of an adolescent, unsure of what to do!

With such a scenario again staring us, most of the political leaders have hence already declared their alliances or are working out the possibilities. They understand that it is absolutely mandatory to have a stable government at the centre. We don’t and can’t afford to have another election in six months.

When 26/11 happened we all were so charged up and excited but eventually it all ran out of steam. Is not it? I know about only 3-4 people who are fighting these elections independently with only the welfare of their constituencies in mind. Rest, all of us have again moved on with the daily rigmarole of our lives, hardly bothering about the consequences of the election process. Though I doubt the number of votes these independents would be able to gather, nevertheless their spirit and determination to stand against all odds deserves a salute.

Great leaders like Gandhi-Nehru existed only because the people of India loved and respected their beliefs. Do you think Gandhi would have been as effective if he were to be present in India of today? Today’s generation adores Shahrukhs and IPL’s and Ambanis and anything that spells MONEY captures their interest much more than a simple, honest man’s values. Materialism has replaced the feelings of patriotism.

The gist of the matter is that THE POLITICIANS ARE LIKE THIS because we have let them become like this. We have to understand that taking decisions is not limited to choosing between Adidas or Nike or Reebok .It’s about having a vision for this great nation we live in.

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