Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Memories of my school days!

Memories…….as they say are timeless treasures which no one can destroy and they are the witness to the joys of years gone by……
How true! I joined JDS (Julien Day School, Ganganagar) in 1987 in Class 2 as an innocent, timid, and shy seven year old. The school saw me growing up to be a vivacious adolescent. Can I ever forget my Alma Mater, my second home? No this tie can never be severed. The love showered on us by our teachers, the overall camaraderie shared between us students, the support and care of our non teaching staff throughout my growing years has immensely helped in shaping up the person I am today. More than anything else JDS made us a very balanced individual. I have always noticed this in all students of JDS.We don’t have an ego or an air about us, we are extremely friendly and helpful by nature. Looking back I would say that my life would be incomplete without JDS and it always hold a special place in my heart.