Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I love my India

Growing up in English medium school coupled with the addiction to MTV and American sitcoms, has somehow made me a confused Indian. At this point of my life I now feel and understand the essence and the privilege of being born as an Indian.
Our Indianness is somehow getting lost in trying to ape the western culture. Our scriptures, our religious Gods n Goddesses are all so mystified and embedded with pearls of knowledge …but we don’t know and don’t even want to know the real secrets behind that.
I am a completely secular person by heart but I am attracted to philosophies of Hinduism a lot .I believe Hinduism is not just a religion; it is a great treasure house of knowledge and wisdom which aims to bring enlightment into the life of each and every human being on earth. One is not a Hindu by birth but by one’s actions and this is where the karmic theory of Bhagvat Geeta creeps in…it is an art of living taught by Lord Krishna himself.

No wonder that western countries are adopting the ancient ayurvedic medicines for healing and practicing yoga and meditation therapies. All these age old practices are very close to nature and hence free of any adverse side effects. India is so diverse and huge in terms of food, dance, music, literature yet we don’t take pride in being an Indian …we chose to focus on the negative aspects of our great country. Which country in whole world can boast of such diversity? Every Indian is not even fully aware of all the cultures of our country. Do the north Indians know all about the type of food South Indians eat? My point is just this that we should look within our country for our upliftment.Other countries can not boast of the resources which we are blessed with yet they become successful by marketing their products well in the international arena.

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