Friday, October 8, 2010

Review:Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” is a book comprising of 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose to take the entrepreneurial path and became successful.
All the stories sounded more or less similar …. So much so that one tends to loose interest in it after a while….the author herself has summed up…. “……Each story may be different but at another level they are all the same .The entrepreneur took a leap of faith .Then struggled & strived for years. Before finally achieving the size and scale which made the effort what we call a success.”
The compilation work by the author Rashmi Bansal and her team is commendable and to a great extent inspiring too.
What I felt reading about the stories….well …I think all these stories of IIM graduates making it big is primarily due to two reasons….one they had something to fall back on if they failed…most of the middle class Indians do not have this cushion for comfort and secondly they could make it big only because of IIM degrees under their belt. Off course this does not takes away the credit from them…because all of them persevered ….and had a lion’s heart to take so much of risk but the fact remains that they were from an elite background and it really provided them the right kind of wings to give flight to their dreams.
The only heart rendering and truly inspiring story is of Venkat Krishnan ,the founder of Give India who dedicated himself to a social cause and has truly uplifted the unprivileged ones. He has truly convinced me of “the joy which one gets out of giving”.

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