Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mental Burden

Two monks were travelling in the rain, the mud sloshing under their feet. As they passed a rivulet crossing they saw a beautiful Geisha girl, finely dressed, unable to cross because of the mud. Without a word, the older monk simply picked up the woman and carried her to the other side.
The younger monk was seemingly agitated for the rest of their journey, and could not contain himself once they reached their destination. The younger monk exploded at the older monk, “How could you, a monk, even consider holding a woman in your arms, much less a young and beautiful one. It is against our teachings. It is in very bad taste”.

“I put her down the roadside”, said the older monk. “Are you still carrying her?”

We all behave in the same fashion. We keep carrying the burdens for years and decades together, and become more stressful. Instead we should just throw thousands of “Mental burdens” into the dustbin.

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