Saturday, May 26, 2012


Confrontation is angry disagreement and when we confront others it often leads to angry denials and rage and vice versa.
As it is obvious in a confrontation…. that there are two opposite interpretations to the same situation …but then why is anger associated with it? Well the reason is that both the parties feel victimized by the other and hence go through the emotions of self righteousness and self pity which gives rise to anger.
How to come out of this crisis then?
Well, obviously after a confrontation there is a point of deadlock achieved. To come out of this a very wise mediator is needed who can explain to both the aggrieved parties that both of them have to co-exist or this anger will kill them one day and have to work out an amicable situation where there is an environment set for peaceful co-existence. And all this has to be done in such a way that nobody is humiliated and hurt by the peace process. And at the same time it is also important for both the warring parties to understand that in order to move forward in life you have got to accept multiple points of view and not to get stuck because asserting your self righteousness over the other is just not going to help in the long run.Adopting a confrontationist attitude is just so futile.
Blaming someone is a sign of weakness.No one is a failure until he/she starts blaming someone else !

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