Saturday, April 4, 2009

Words of Love

This one was scribbled by me for my hubby dear during my courtship period!
Words don’t come easily to me
To describe how much you mean to me
You are often there in my thoughts,
My stock of love for you can never exhaust
You’re the one I have always admired
The one to whom I have always confided
My life was going with it’s usual pace
But as soon as you walked in
The world changed its face
You made me feel better and I couldn’t have asked for more
Cause when you were with me I always felt secure
You are a special person in so many ways
Your thoughts are as warm as sun’s rays
In a world where every thing is mortal,
Our friendship will be immortal
And its depth is like the
……peaks of mountains
……The enormous waves of the sea
…….The endless journey……..
I wish to go on with you,
Forever, my friend

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