Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Journey Of Life

Why is the human mind so obsessed with expressing itself? Why do we need to let ourselves free? Why can’t we keep ourselves bottled up, why these emotions need to come out and if they don’t, what is the harm it can cause? Answers to these questions are very difficult indeed. But as the human nature is- one has to let out the emotions of joy, anger, frustrations, sorrow…….. Perhaps this is the way we have been programmed and sent to earth? Perhaps it is the hormonal requirement of our body?
Expression has manifold manifestations in the form of music, dance, art….. even talking is also a way of letting out the emotions from our body. Nothing can remain in human heart permanently. The only thing which permanently remains are the images or the memories. When we sit in tranquility, turning the leaves of the book of our life, these images begin to float before us –just like a slideshow. One slide …...……..after the another…… … childhood memories, relationships, school days,marriage,hardships,joys,sorrows………………………… and we remain a silent spectator of all these ………Images keep rolling by until we have reached the death-the end !
We don’t know when will we die, do we ever want to die? None of us want to die yet we are always frustrated with life .Then why this that we are afraid of this end? Is it the pain, the unknown suffering which we might have to suffer? But will we ever remember that, I mean do we remember how we were born and what troubles we had to undergo while coming into this earth. Then why is this unknown fear for death? I think these questions are best left on God. I don’t know whether God exists or not but keeping faith in that Almighty ,relieves me of my pains and sufferings and I am tempted to believe that he is up there somewhere- laughing with me ,crying with me ,blessing me supporting me. The Almighty is omnipresent and I think if you keep your faith in him you too want him to be with you just as you wish your best friend to be always with you. Almighty is different to different people –for some god is power, for others He is someone we should be afraid of but for me He is an awesome supreme force of this world who wants us lesser mortals to lead our lives in a fulfilling way.
I think that during our growing years, we are more or less taught all the necessary skills which are needed to lead a fruitful and a productive life but due to the changing situations of our lives everyday we are not able to implement them. A little bit of application of our minds can lead us to a more serene, balanced and satisfying life.


sourav said...

wonderful post :)

you have written with great interest and yes i totally agree on the fact that only memories remains with us and emotions are produced due to hormones hahaha...

keep posting :)

Suri said...

Absolute gibberish..