Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reality TV hits India!

Reality TV has truly arrived in India. What worries me is the impact it will or is already creating on young minds?
Shows such as Sach ka Saamna,Rakhi ka Swayamvaar,Is Jungle se koi mujhe bachao ,Dadagiri etc..have abusive formats and are hardly delivering any healthy entertainment.The children imitate these TV stars blindly and don’t know how to differentiate between the right and the wrong.
Moreover the credibility of the contestants participating is also at question.Rakhi Sawant is an attention craving, shameless lady. The contestants of Is Jungle…are either old horses (read:Aman Verma,Nigar….)of the entertainment industry trying to start afresh or are people who are suffering from “wannabe a star” syndrome.(read :Palak,Fiza..).Dadagiri ..imitates Roadies (but is nowhere near it) .
I would ask the producers of these shows to come out with fresh, original and Indian Shows …Please don’t ape the West….its pointless.