Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jodhaa Akbar

Watched Jodhaa Akabar on Zee TV yesterday…and truly enjoyed the grand depiction of a royal and unique love story. Hats off to Ashutosh Gowariker for putting up such a significant historic event on celluloid with such intrinsic details.
I was amazed by the superb performances put up by Hrithik and Aishwarya.Sets, costumes, jewellery, music, camera work was all so excellent! That, Gowariker has done quite a bit of research before making the movie, was very much evident.
In the Epilogue, it was very well said that this love story of a Mughal Emperor and a Rajput princess never got its fair share of attention by the literary class.
I never knew about the existence of the character of Mahamanga and was even surprised to find out that Akbar was an illiterate. We have always read in History books that Akbar introduced a new religion ‘Din-i- Illahi”, and thus formed an opinion about him of being a very learned man.
I was surprised to hear Mahamnaga’s comments on Akbar’s non consummating marriage to Jodha.If that is the case, then these rituals associated with marriage are all meaningless!!!
The Royals too were victims of voyeurism! Because of those peeping Toms, who existed at that time, we are able to ponder on the private life of a King who lived centuries ago!