Wednesday, February 29, 2012


"Decision comes only when there is confusion.When there is no confusion ,there is no decision.If there is a piece of wood and a biscuit on your desk ,do you decide which one to eat?
A decision is always about choice and choice is always confusing.So all decision makers are confused.Are you confused,decided or happy?When you are confused there is no freedom. "-HH Sri Sri Ravi shankar ji

At the moment of decision-making, decisions are not right or wrong. They are right or wrong only in hindsight.Decisions are tough or simple only to the observer.They are the decisions that need to be taken by the person in the hot seat.Tough or simple.Good or bad.It reveals more about the inner strength of the person instead of arrogance . Decisions do not exist in isolation. They are perceived differently by different people. Each one perceives it from his or her own point of view. And this can be very tricky. For what may be seen as good by one can be seen as terrible by many, a personal affront even if that is not the issue. A tiny event can trigger a crisis.
Jairam was the Factory Superintendent of a garment manufacturing unit.
One day a worker had a terrible accident in the factory premises because of the faulty working of a new machinery installed recently.
Jairam took the decision to take the injured worker to a nearby Government Hospital rather than a private clinic as he thought delay in medical attention could cost the worker his life
Unfortunately the worker lost one of his limbs and his family and other workers blamed Jairam for it as they thought that he didn’t bother to get the worker admitted to a place with better medical facilities.
Is Jairam really to be blamed?

Everyone has their own side of the story to tell.How many of us make the effort to listen ?

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prakash said...

Choices and decisions....dont u think these two words overlap quite a bit??