Saturday, May 26, 2012


With robust optimism and positive attitude, anyone can solve their problems. Take your failures (personal or professional) as an opportunity to learn. Be very sincere in your approach. Introspection after failure is the fastest teacher, provided it must be done sincerely and in a very detached manner. Any self –justifying exercise which blames others or events does not teach you anything, except for the fact that you are just defending yourself.
After that introspection, when you have reached your conclusions, then all you need to do is just “let go” because if you hold on to your failures and mistakes it will create a nagging pain and discomfort in your heart. Mistakes done by you will bring guilt while mistakes done by others will cause anger.
I had read somewhere that after every failure on the field Sachin Tendulkar goes to the dressing room and refuses to come out till he has exorcised the demon within (that demon might be guilt, frustration etc).
Inspiration from within is what will take you through thick and thin. Keep yourself motivated. Make small goals to achieve a desired result. The power & depth of your inner strength very often defines the success you achieve outside.

Victory is achieved easily in either of these two situations
(A)   you accept people & situations as they are totally ,or,
(B)   You give a 100% fight back or provide a very very strong resistance.

Anywhere in between these two extremes & your mind will be in a jeopardized state!

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prakash said...

Well written, i also have this long standing theory abt things u control and things u dont. You are always better served to worry about things you control. Lastly, it doesnt hurt once in a while to give an A****** some of his own back rather than just letting go always.