Saturday, September 5, 2009

Whats Your Rashee 1

Soon to be released What’s your Rashee? is generating quite a curiosity amongst cine goers. Actually astrology is such a subject that it does evoke inquisitiveness even when you don’t believe in all such stuff. Many years ago when I was in High School, I came across a book by Linda Goodman where she had summarized the characteristics of different zodiac signs. Since then, subconsciously/unconsciously I have got into a habit of observing and classifying people’s behaviour. Well here I am describing my views on the traits of different zodiac signs.
To begin with, Aries people are very stubborn and like to do all of the work by themselves. They are highly competent. They can handle stress well and are very talented at whatever field of work they have chosen for themselves. They are not good in money matters though. Sometimes they handle tough situations like a child and don’t even think about the outcome. Appearance wise also they are baby faced. They remain healthy most part of their lives; they are not prone to many diseases.Beacause of their “stubborn “and “living life on their own terms” attitude they may get married a bit late in their lives.
Taurean is very stubborn too. When a Taurean has decided something no one can make them change their mind. They are not very ambitious people and prefer a homely environment. They have the ability to take good, matured decisions. They love their near and dear ones quite passionately. They are very, very disciplined set of people. They will rarely get into any sort of fights or confrontations as they are very peace loving. Their children might give them some trouble when they are growing up.Taurean is not quite obsessed with their looks. They are happy if they have made themselves presentable in front of others. In one sense we can say that Taurean is an introvert. They can manage money well .They spend their money only where it is worth it. They don’t like wastage of any kind. Downside of a Taurean is that they can be rude to people whom they don’t develop a bond with. They always think that whatever they think/say is only justified and right and fail to see the other point of view, which explains the fact that they have very less number of friends. However, as no human is perfect, if a person wishes to get into the good books of a Taurean a lifetime of loyalty from the Bull is rest assured. They are very religious and a bit superstitious too.
Geminians are very fidgety. They are restless souls. They always have one thing or the other in their mind. It’s very difficult to match up with the thought process of a Gemini. They think at a lightning fast speed and thousands of thoughts crosses their mind within seconds. They are extremely talented and very ,very intelligent. It’s very difficult to beat a Gemini at his own game. They are very good public speakers. They are also loners because very few people can capture the attention span of a Gemini for a prolonged time. As they themselves are very creative they get bored quite easily. They hate monotony and hence a Gemini will always find it difficult to adjust himself in a 9 to 5 job as he is not made for all this. They have been made to think creatively, to innovate, and to improvise. In other words Geminians represent life-they always move on no matter what.
Cancerians are emotional, sensitive, family oriented and a bit boring people. They can go on and on and on describing their feelings /pouring out their hearts to their friends or family which can intimidate and frustrate others, at times. A Cancerian is not much of a risk taker either. They play a very safe and calculated game. But if you have dared to hurt a Cancerian be prepared to face the consequences .As they are very sensitive they get hurt very easily and if offense is of really a bad type they surely will take revenge. All Cancerians are very caring, motherly type. I being a true Cancerian myself, my husband at times feels that I am motherly to him too!!!That shows exactly how caring they are! They need to have a good support system of well wishers to move ahead in life.
Leo people are very aggressive and they live life absolutely on their own terms. If a Leo is obsessed with something then you can be rest assured that he/she will take on that obsession till infinity. A Leo has a mind of his/her own and they don’t even like taking suggestions. They are beautiful, confident people. Their aggression lands them into many serious kind of troubles in life. They are very professional people, very alert, disciplined and dedicated to their work.
Virgos are very practical having a good analytical bent of mind. They have this knack of taking really quick and good decisions. They have certain principles in life which they will always follow. They are also very fussy and a cleanliness maniac. They can’t stand untidiness. They appreciate good work even if it is done by their opponent. Virgos too tend to get married a bit late in heir lives. Professionally too, they get settled a bit late but once settled sky is the only limit for them.

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