Thursday, September 17, 2009

Whats Your Rashee 2

Librans are beautiful people both within and outside. They are blessed with warmth, kindness and charm. Librans are easy going, humorous and live life simply. They have a very balanced approach towards life. A Libran undergoes dramatic changes from their childhood to adolescence to man/woman hood. Though after attaining maturity they remain the same till the end. During their growing up years the environment around them plays a very important role in shaping their mind. But after they have grown up they themselves cross check the values they have imbibed and discard the ones they feel are not required. They don’t like to carry a mental baggage with them all the time. Professionally they are disciplined but they will never work more than their capacity as that soaks out of them their energy and all positivism and they just hate that. Sometimes they take immature decisions for which they have to pay a heavy price in monetary as well as emotional terms.
Scorpions are intelligent, stubborn and very romantic people. They live life on their own terms, no matter what. They are very dedicated towards their lovers. A Scorpion can be sophisticated, articulate whenever he/she wants to but can quickly change gear to behave like a common man….such is their versatility. They are very professional and achieve super great heights in their career. They are generous and charitable too.
A Sagittarian has a loud behavior and though they have certain traits which can make them winners yet they mostly undo their own success by their actions. They fail to capture the pulse of the moment. They think their strategy is he best strategy .They often realize their mistakes very late in life .They are flirtatious by mind. One very commendable thing about a Sagittarian is though that once they have made up their mind about something they do the work toiling day and night to achieve that. A motivated Sagittarian excels in his career. A Sagittarian can be rude and can even ridicule someone to the point of hurting him/her. They are very moody and religious.
Capricornians are the most practical set of people existing on this earth. They are not at all conscious about their looks which perhaps is their only negative trait. Besides a Capricornian can turn bitter towards life if pushed too hard. They are very intelligent and take quick decisions after assessing the situation. You can never win an argument with a Capricornian as they are always right. They have an aura of royalty about them and possess a charm of their own. They are emotionally very strong.
Aquarians have a sweet, romantic kind of a personality. They are harmless people. They like to do their own things in life. They are not very intelligent yet they achieve a decent respect for themselves from others by establishing themselves in their careers. They are lucky people. They mostly fall in love many times with many people before finally settling down to marriage and domesticity.
Pisceans soak all the negativity around them with amazing capacity. They are also very peace loving, harmless variety of people. They are intelligent. They trust others blindly and because of this they have to suffer heavily many a times. A Piscean can manage everything so well as he has a very cool mind and rarely looses his temper. Pisceans manage money also quite nicely and can make a fortune by their savings within a very short span of time.

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