Thursday, January 7, 2010

Professional Responsibility

Very recently I was struck with tuberculosis of abdomen .During the whole process of diagnosis and treatment I was constantly misguided by different doctors.
What I fail to understand is that don’t these professional people have a mind of their own and a sense of responsibility towards their patients? I was put on a number of tests and even then, it was not confirmed by the docs whether I had TB or not, Tuberculosis being a common kind of a disease in a country like ours. During the treatment also I was given a very high dosage of medicines which in turn caused many side effects on my body.
All these incidents makes, one realize that how poor people of our country are dying or being deprived of treatment because of these complex and expensive diagnostic procedures.
Very correctly Vidhu Vinod’s Chopra’s film “3 Idiots” points out the fallacies of our system. We approach the education system with a tendency to acquire, high marks rather than acquiring knowledge. Professionals should be taught to apply their knowledge.

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Vega said...

This reminds me of one doctor telling me that 50% of alopathy cases are treated on judgement. Get well soon.